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The most advanced text to speech and voice cloning software ever.

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ElevenLabs is an innovative platform specializing in generative AI text-to-speech and voice cloning technologies. It provides a feature called "Projects" which facilitates the organization of voice cloning and text-to-speech tasks all in one place, allowing users to create, manage, and share projects with teams or clients, accessible from any device. This feature is designed to streamline workflows, enabling the production of high-quality audio content in a more efficient manner.

Launching in Beta in January 2023, ElevenLabs has rapidly grown, attracting over 1 million registered users across various domains including the creative, entertainment, and publishing sectors. The platform secured a $19 million Series A funding round led by notable figures and firms like Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross, and Andreessen Horowitz, aimed at accelerating its voice AI research. This investment underscores the launch of new product developments on the platform, expanding its capabilities and offerings to users.

ElevenLabs empowers users to extend their content's reach beyond textual format through its advanced text-to-speech tool. This feature allows for the generation of high-fidelity spoken audio in any voice, style, and language, thanks to an AI model that accurately renders human intonation and inflections, adjusting the delivery based on contextual nuances.

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