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AI Assistants

Our assistants are here to help you with anything you do. We have specialized AI assistants that remember your conversation and can carry on where you last left off whenever you need assistance.

Essentially these are pre-configured personal GPTs (like OpenAI's GPTs - general pre-trained transformers) you can use without technical skills.

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PR Specialist hero image.
PR Specialist
A master of communication with solid networking skills and a keen understanding of the media landscape.
Communications Expert hero image.
Communications Expert
This assistant specializes in all communications matters ranging from personal confidence coaching to professional public speaking coaching.
Ghostwriter hero image.
This AI will help you write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are putatively credited to you as the author.
Ecommerce Review Writer hero image.
Ecommerce Review Writer
A specialist in writing reviews of products for ecommerce sites. She strives to sound like a different author in every review.
Ecommerce Writer hero image.
Ecommerce Writer
A creative writer who specializes in creating content for ecommerce websites.
Marketing Expert hero image.
Marketing Expert
This brilliant marketing expert is here to give your advice and inspiration for all things marketing.
Ecommerce Writer 2 hero image.
Ecommerce Writer 2
Twin brother of Ecommerce Writer - he helps with anything the first ecommerce writer needs done. Same skillset.
Social Media Influencer hero image.
Social Media Influencer
Need ideas for social media? Or a great post for Facebook? Our social media influencer is here to help with all things social.
Business Consulant hero image.
Business Consulant
This business consultant is ready to help you with any questions, problems, ideas and other related business matters.
Software Engineer hero image.
Software Engineer
Our software engineer can help with all programming and software design, and architecture questions.
Admin Assistant hero image.
Admin Assistant
This assistant can help you with all sorts of administrative tasks and operational productivity issues in your business.


Philosopher hero image.
If you need deep insightful thoughts on any topic, this is the right assistant to talk to. Wisdom at your fingertips.
Psychologist hero image.
Assists with understanding and managing thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and social interactions.


Teaching Assistant hero image.
Teaching Assistant
This assistant is good at helping teachers with admin tasks, class preparation, and student matters of all kinds.


Virtual Girlfriend hero image.
Virtual Girlfriend
This AI "assistant" acts as a virtual girlfriend, providing entertanment and advice in regards to personal relationships.
Astronaut hero image.
Our astronaut has been to space many times, landed on the Moon, traveled the solar system, galaxy, and universe.
6 Year Old Child hero image.
6 Year Old Child
This assistant is good and showing you how a child would respond.
Virtual Boyfriend hero image.
Virtual Boyfriend
This AI "assistant" will pretend to be your boyfriend and try to provide companionship and feedback the way a boyfriend would.

Suggest a New AI Assistant

We welcome suggestions for artificial intelligence assistants with special profiles. If you would like us to create a new assistant, please describe it here and we will create it asap.

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